Service Level Agreement (SLA)

It is the goal of HelloBooked to answer every call. Contractually, we will ensure 90% of calls are answered. If at any time our representatives are assisting a customer, callers will have the option to leave a voicemail. Any caller that leaves a voicemail will receive a call back as soon as the next representative is available.

Availability and Plans

  • Hours of Operation: 24/7 support from United States
  • Holidays: 24/7 support from United States
    • Holidays incur an additional “Holiday Fee” for taking calls (New Year’s Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, Memorial Day and Labor Day)
    • HB will send out Holiday Information Requests prior to each holiday to collect information about the following specs: Dispatch fees, Availability, Hours of Operation, Escalations, etc.
  • Plans:
    • Everything: we take all of your calls
    • Overflow/Supplemental
    • After Hour Calls/Weekend
    • Popular


Auto Attendant Greeting

All customers have a unique greeting recorded for their specific company. Anytime we receive a call for that company, the caller will first hear the brief recording and then it will immediately ring to our representatives. If a caller is waiting on hold, they will hear their position in the queue and have the option to leave a voicemail.

Standard Call Flow Example

  • Caller has no heat & calls Customer
  • Customer DID is routed to HB
  • Unique AA Greeting for Customer is heard
  • Phone rings at HB as Caller ID populates on screen
  • CSR recognizes Customer Number and retrieves caller/calling information
  • CSR views Live Greeting screen as call is answered
  • CSR recites Live Greeting and handles call accordingly (book call/reschedule/cancel/status/etc)
  • HB auto sends confirmation email to client and customer if call was booked/rescheduled/cancelled


Onboarding & Implementation

HB will complete an all-encompassing Company Discovery to understand a customer’s day to day business. During this time, HB will require the customer to fill in customized greetings, dispatch fees, special processes, escalation contact info, etc. This information will be privately stored within the HB database.

Answering & Booking Calls

HB will book calls based on a customer’s available time slots. CSR will check availability prior to booking any call and then place the call on a customer’s dispatch board. During business hours, a customer’s dispatch team will assign their technician & set arrival expectations for the caller. During after hours, calls are booked & assigned immediately to the on call technician, based on availability (see below for more information). Warranty Calls are handled as per special instructions discussed during Discovery.

  • Appointment Guarantees: CSR will never provide an exact time of arrival to callers. Appointment windows are communicated without guarantee & dictated by the customer
  • Email Confirmations: HB sends an automated email confirmation to the customer & caller for every booked call, rescheduled call, or cancelled call (per specs on Customer Discovery)
    • Note: Rescheduled calls incur a lesser rate vs a newly booked call
  • Job Class/Job Type: HB customers have unique Job Classes and Job Types, which are pulled directly from customer data. CSRs will book a job with the closest applicable Job Class/Job Type.
    • Note: These may need to be changed on calls to match customer’s business standards
  • Open Jobs: HB will provide as much information available regarding an Open Job. The escalation process (see below for more information) may be used to assist a caller with an Open Job


More Information – After Hours

During a customer’s designated After Hour time frame, CSRs will follow HB processes/script to determine whether or not there is a true emergency per Customer Discovery.

  • If the CSR and caller find that the booking can wait until the next business day because it is not an emergency, it will be scheduled for the next available time slot and unassigned on a customer’s dispatch board. The customer’s dispatch is required to reach out to the customer the next business day to set further expectations.
    • Typical Emergency Examples:
      • HVAC – no heat/cool with extreme weather, gas leak/smell
      • Electric – no power, flickering lights, smoke/fire (call 911)
      • Plumbing – floods, burst pipe, sewage, smell of gas, HWT leaking
  • If the CSR and caller agree that the call is in fact an emergency, the CSR will follow the customer-preferred communication policy of either texting or calling the on-call technician.
    • To ensure proper dispatch & confirm tech availability, the CSR will ask that the caller remain on hold as contact is made with the on-call technician
    • CSR will assign & place the booked call on the technician’s schedule at that time
    • If an on-call technician is unreachable, CSR will follow HB process to try and connect 2x before calling out to the designated Escalation Contact for direction


Escalation Contacts

As part of the Customer Discovery, Escalation Contacts are assigned for customers. Escalation Contacts will be used for various reasons including, but not limited to: a hostile caller that a CSR cannot deescalate & requires assistance, an unreachable on call technician, a question of uncertainty on a particular type of work, etc. The escalation process at HB is always to find out as much information and attempt to resolve, prior to reaching out to the Escalation Contact.

Credit Offerings

HB does not provide any credit or money back for a customer’s missed guarantee (i.e.: on time arrival or 50% back). If a caller requests such a credit, the CSR will send notification to the customer and/or the request is escalated to the customer to reach out to the caller and address.

  • Note: Special exceptions are considered if HB error is costly to a customer; these instances are sent to and reviewed by HB Management


Coming Soon: Customer Portal

Customers will have access to their Company Profile, Billing Information and Call Detail. The Customer Portal will allow for the management of day to day business activities and overall effectiveness with HB.